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Vienna summer school 2017 Featured

Dear Irish Studies friends,

We are delighted and proud to announce the first annual Vienna Irish Studies and Cultural Theory Summer School will take place *this summer* from 10–14 July 2017!  This is a fully ECTS-accredited week of lectures and seminars at the Vienna Centre for Irish Studies, so please share the linked Call for Submissions with any and all students and colleagues who may be interested!


The theme of the 2017 School is The Irish Carnivalesque, which allows us to consider Irish literary and cultural production within a number of overlapping theoretical perspectives and traditions, including Menippean Satire and the dialogic novel, Kristeva’s theory of Abjection & the grotesque body, the generic reversals and spectral boundary crossings of Irish modernism, the grotesque in contemporary Irish Drama, etc. In a series of lectures and seminars with renowned Irish studies and theory scholars, students will get a firm grounding in these theoretical concepts and their application to Irish literary genres and historical-cultural contexts from the early modern to the contemporary.

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